The British Collection 2017 - European

Welcome to the 2017 British Collection

This catalogue is packed with high quality, innovative promotional products, all made in the UK. We have something for every colour scheme, every event and every budget!

More UK-manufactured items than ever before! We have developed our range to bring you even more creative promotional products.

Our most popular products just got even better! We’ve added new colours and new accessories to several items in our drinkware range. You and your customers will love them! Complete peace of mind for you and your customers. Turn the page to find out more about our commitment to product compliance and safety.

Look out for these great new products for 2017...

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H2O Acitve Sports Bottles now available with coloured infusers.

New Baseline Plus range, adding even more versatility to our sports bottle collection.

New Americano accessories, such as our tyre grip and spill-proof lid.

Bit on the Side coaster, to ensure your brand is always visible.


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